вторник, 29 августа 2017 г.

Several new pages of the beatboard  "Enter the Beardman", which I develop for a special program GO! Cartoon of the Frederator Studio!

Chuck is an unusual guy with the longest beard; he is the ultimate Bruce Lee fan, and just like his hero is determined to save the World from Evil and help the weak!
Chuck is good at Kungfu. He has a sidekick – his comb – Aaron, who lives in Chuck’s fuzzy and comfortable beard.
One day they meet a chubby boy Jerry, who needs help ...

Has anyone tried a hairy burger?😃🍔

суббота, 17 декабря 2016 г.

Cover for the beatboard 
which I develop for program "GO! Cartoons" Frederator Studios.

Story based on one of my favorite movies with Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon", but it certainly original.

The project is in development, but I share some of the pages that will be modified: